Long Distance, Network Solutions, & 
Cellular / Beeper Services


Long Distance

Midessa Telephone Systems, Inc. and UCS/Call One long distance have partnered together to provide a competitive local dial tone and long distance rate to our customers. You will only need to call Midessa Telephone Systems, Inc. whenever you have questions about your dial tone or long distance. It eliminates the hassle of wondering who to call. The long distance is provided through alternative nationwide providers. Primarily, Call One customers enjoy the services of Qwest Communications. All domestic and international dialing services may be obtained up request. Toll free numbers are provided at no monthly charge. T-1, travel cards, and conferencing calling plans are available. 

This is just another one of the services provided by 
Midessa Systems, Inc. at no charge to our customers


Network Solutions

Competitive Network Solutions including telephone systems, computer systems, and cabling


Cellular and Beeper Services

Midessa Telephone Systems, Inc. can provide a full range of pager services: numeric, alpha, txt messaging, local to nationwide.

We are a Nextel, and Cellular One Authorized Representative, and offer Digital Cellular, Direct Connect (walkie-talkie), Messaging, and Wireless Web Services.